Program Details

MPhil Psychology Details

The MPhil program started in 2009. The mission of the program was to provide quality advance education in the field of psychology. The objectives of the graduate programs in the field of Psychology are to promote students to understand, monitor, and organize others’ behavior and to solve interpersonal problems in field situations.  After getting the degrees they will be capable to:

  1. Students will learn the fundamental underlying principles of social psychology, which governs group behavior. Theoretical contents will consequently   increase their practical   vision producing group coherence and build their self-confidence   to accomplish   difficult tasks as social scientist.
  2. Students’ personality is needed to be groomed to make them capable healthy adjustment under expected and unexpected diversions of communal life.
  3. This course has been designed to provide the systematic view of group dynamics to reach out all these organizational goals and consequently to enhance young leaders’ command and control potential.
  4. Understanding of socio cultural determinants of behaviour will make them capable to fight emotional crises and as a result they could enjoy healthy behavioral transformation to meet the future professional challenges during war and peace time