Environmental Sciences

HOD Message

I am pleased to introduce the Department of Environmental Sciences, Hazara University. The Department envisions to provide high quality education and research opportunities to equip the students with necessary knowledge and skills needed to explore the future job opportunities. This degree program addresses subject themes such as Environmental Chemistry and biology, Environmental Management and Impact Assessment, Green energy production, Solid Waste Management, Wastewater Treatment, Air Pollution monitoring and Control, Modeling of Environmental Systems, Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management, Environmental conservation, Natural resource management and Remote Sensing and GIS


Environmental Science is a multidisciplinary field of science involving physical, biological, chemical and social dimensions. Hence the Department of Environmental Sciences (DES) was established in 2018 at Hazara University. It is an integrated program designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of biological and physical sciences in solving environmental problems (such as global warming, greenhouse gas emissions/air pollution, water pollution, heavy industrial waste generation, solid waste issues, rapid depletion of natural resources, heavy deforestation, species extinction, climate change (especially referring to change in temperature and rain distribution resulting in glaciers melting, sea level rise and risks posed to coastal areas) and Ozone depletion). The program focuses on research and teaching methods that understand the issues and arrive at solutions to pressing societal problems; prepares its graduates to understand environmental systems, predict environmental change, participate in the management of the environment, and contribute for the promotion of sustainable environment and ecofriendly society....


Our vision is to develop as an institute of learning in Pakistan on environment with international prominence through: • innovative and transformative research in environmental sciences, • excellent education for future environmentalists and for the general public • service to humanity through expansion and dissemination of environmental sciences knowledge...

Progammes Offered

Concered Faculty

Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba Shah

Designation : Head Of Department.
Email Address : gmujtabashah72@yahoo.com
I am working as Associate Professor and teaching Phytogeography of Pakistan, Ethnobotany, Plant Taxonomy, Economic Botany and Pharmacognosy at Hazara University Mansehra Pakistan. My research projects are on ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, wild edible fr.

Dr. Syed Hasnain Shah

Designation : Assistant Professor.
Email Address : hasnainshah111@gmail.com

Dr. Waqar Azeem Jadoon

Designation : Assistant Professor.
Email Address : waqar.jadoon@gmail.com
Dr. Waqar Azeem Jadoon was appointed as an Assistant Professor (IPFP) in the department of Environmental Sciences in December 2018. He completed his PhD in 2015, undertaking a full-time PhD (2012-2015) into the the understanding of atmospheric polycy.

Dr. Tanzeelur Rahman

Designation : Assistant Professor.
Email Address : tanzeel.jamil@outlook.com