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Department of Sociology is established with the prime objective to fulfill our mission of producing the graduates capable of performing their role as responsible, dynamic and patriotic citizens. Our overarching goal is to prepare the students to grasp the socio-cultural, psychological and political issues through sociological perspectives and knowledge in the quest to address the problems faced by individuals, groups, communities and societies. We train and equip the students and scholars to understand sociological theories and concepts including social institutions, changes and social transformation, development, family, religion, health, environment, crimes, deviance and social control. We offer a participatory class room environment to help the students develop perspectives and critical thinking regarding the social issues and problems in a complex and ever changing globalized world. Furthermore, we also imbued our scholars with advanced research methods to conduct quality and impactful social research through rigorous field work and academic practices. The core values based on which the Department of Sociology at Hazara University thrives are equality, diversity, integrity, hard work, professionalism and mutual respect. The Department of Sociology and its qualified teaching faculty and professional ministerial staff welcome all the aspirants of Sociology to join us for discovering their potential and to make the world as better place of living for humanity. Dr.


Department of Sociology was approved and established in 2013. The Department was primarily functional with the Department of Political Science and recently being separated and awarded with an independent status among the fraternity of the Departments of Arts and Social Sciences at Hazara University Mansehra. The Department offers BS, MA and M.Phil programs in Sociology. The Department aimed at providing an academic platform to equip the students and scholars with sociological knowledge, critical thinking and social research methods through rigorous teaching and academic practices. Besides, the Department aimed to provide a comprehensive orientation to the students on fundamental concepts, perspectives and theories of Sociology and also to encourage them to develop their vision for an interdisciplinary academic collaboration to find a well round solution to the complex social problems. Department of Sociology at Hazara University is distinctive because of its diverse population of students hailing from various socio-cultural, regional and linguistic backgrounds thus making the research and teaching environment more colorful, attractive and productive. The Department welcomes all the aspirants of Sociology from the nooks and crannies of the country to come and join us to thrive themselves and transform the communities, societies and the world....


To have an internationally renowned Department of Sociology to produce highly competitive graduates capable of creating Sociological knowledge while using advanced research methodologies to resolve global social issues and shape social policies to transform the world....

Progammes Offered

Concered Faculty

Dr Khalil ur Rahman

Designation : Chairman.
Email Address : [email protected]
Dr Khalil ur Rahman is working as Associate Professor in Sociology and also serving as Chairperson of the Department. He is the poineer faculty member and Head of Sociology Department at Hazara University Mansehra. Dr Rahman has distinctive academic .

Dr Shakeel Ahmad

Designation : Assistant Professor in Sociology.
Email Address : [email protected]
Dr. Shakeel Ahmad is a distinguished professional with a multifaceted career spanning over 15 years in both government and non-governmental organizations in Pakistan. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Hazara University, wh.

Dr Haji ur Rahman

Designation : Lecturer in Sociology.
Email Address : [email protected]
Dr Haji ur Rahman is lecturer in the department of Sociology Hazara University Mansehra since 2012. He belongs to the historic Peshawar valley. Dr. Rahman has completed his early education from the prestigious Islamia college Peshawar. Later on he pu.

Mr Rahat Shah

Designation : Lecturer in Sociology.
Email Address : [email protected]
I joined the department of Sociology at Hazara University as Lecturer in Sociology in November 2020. Before joning the department, I have served various national and international organizations on various positions. I have completed my M.Phil in Soci.