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M.Phil Details

The primary aim of the M. Phil in Conservation Studies is to produce graduates with the necessary knowledge, values and skills to engage effectively with the challenges arising in the very diverse multi-disciplinary intellectual, cultural and physical environments where heritage and heritage resources are present. The emphasis of the programme is on developing competence in the professional and practical fields of conservation of and in the built environment and of heritage resource management. The Programme curriculum is cross-disciplinary in orientation and exposes students to the very broad range of research, analytical, evaluative, planning and management issues and challenges that they are likely to encounter in the field. While this Programme is focused on the built environment and on practical and technical aspects of conservation and heritage resource management, it does also introduce students to critical issues in heritage arenas and, in particular, public history and shares several courses with a related Programme offered in the Centre for African Studies which is more theoretically and critically oriented. The Programme is, therefore, designed to produce professional training for professionals working in or wishing to enter the fields of conservation of the built environment and heritage resource management and to produce research that is practically oriented and that is publishable.