Program Details

Program Details

Diploma in Photography Details

Course Description:

 In this diploma course we will explore digital photography in relation to fine art. Students will be assigneddifferent project, will be asked to produce art work and will be asked to participate in class discussion to better understand the physical, conceptual and theoretical characteristics of the electronic media as it pertains to art and art making. Emphasis will be placed on the students' development of an understanding of the evolution of and the theory associated with art, photography and electronic imaging as well as art history in a way which will help them to produce expressive and thoughtful works of art. Students will be introduced to the basic technology necessary for the production of their art work, as well as learning about the visual arts, how to look at and critique photography, photographic vocabulary, using tools such as framing, composition, "rule of thirds", light, texture, pattern, lines, symmetry, depth of field, distance, perspective, culture, space, balance, color and black and white photography, and be introduced to many works by well-known photographers. Students will be expected to demonstrate an ability to use the tools competently in the production of their art work, however, the production and analysis of expressive and thoughtful art work is the main objective of this course.


Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this diploma, the student will acquire the skills to continued refinement and improvement of exposure, development, and printing skills. Will be able to Identify, describe and analyze photographers, styles and genres.  Understand the relationships between multiple images and sequencing of images. Understand and articulate the meaning of the photographs you see and learn how meaning is visually communicated. Knowledge of photographic critical theory and the history of photography. Create a cohesive body of exhibition quality work and be able to explain the significance of subject, form, presentation and meaning of student's own work.