Program Details

Program Details

BFA/B, Design Details

The Bachelor courses shall be spread over four years. The department initially offers four areas of specialization in Major and seven courses in Minor both in Fine Arts and Design. The Foundation Year Program (FYP) is premised on the fact that Art and Design share a common ground. Respective areas of specialization start from second year (third semester) onwards.

  • The first two semesters are based on fundamental integrated courses compulsory for all students to attend. The courses are designed to familiarize the students with visual sensibilities through the understanding of the elements and principles of art: a vocabulary and language common to all visual art area.
  • In the third semester, students have choice to pick an area of specialization. The third and fourth semesters offer introductory skill building course to the area of the chosen specialization with emphasis on material and techniques.
  • The fifth and sixth semesters offers specialization courses, designed to give a level of skill and competence to the students and to provide an opportunity to interact with indigenous craftsperson and acquire relevant skills.
  • The seventh semester is designed to enable them to develop ideas and to work independently and produce research based original work in their chosen area of specialization.
  • In the last (8th)semester students are required to carry out an independent body of research work, along with a report of at least 2000 words in support of the research topic.
  • Drawing shall be a key component of all disciplines at all levels.
  • History of art courses are designed to give in-depth knowledge in the field of Art and Design.
  • A number of minor courses are also introduced to compliment and support.
  • Home assignments shall supplement class projects.
  • At the end of each semester a student will be required to have a portfolio for assessment.
  • In the final two semesters, the emphasis is on development of ideas. The body of work by the student can be in one or all of the taught media.
  • Teachting will be a process of helping the student to achieve his/her intended body of work. Theory and computer graphics will support all courses.
  • Grading will be based on daily class exercises, homework assignments, sketchbooks, end of term assignments/exam including end term portfolio.

Aims and Objectives

The aims of all courses are to stimulate, encourage and develop:

  • The ability to perceive.
  • The ability to record from direct observation.
  • The ability to use various materials for personal expression.
  • The ability to use the acquired knowledge of art vocabulary in a disciplined way.
  • The ability to identify problems and solution in novel, creative ways.
  • The sense of adventure and to take initiatives for self-determining research.
  • The confidence to work as independent professionals in the field.