Student Service Center

Concered Officials

Mr. Amjad Rehman

Designation : Director.
Email Address : [email protected]

Nayar Sultana

Designation : Teacher/.
Email Address : [email protected]

Nayar Sultana

Designation : Teacher/.
Email Address : [email protected]


Student Services Centre

The Student Services Centre (SSC) is a front office for the contact of students and visitors during their visit/stay at Hazara University. SSC provides a friendly, supporting, and stimulating environment to the students regarding their curricular and co-curricular activities. The purpose of the center is to meet the needs of students/visitors and acts as a bridge between them and the university administration. The primary function of SSC is to provide customer-friendly, student-centered services.

  • Orientation and guidance of new students
  • Campus Management System CMS
  • Information regarding course registration, timetable, credit hours, and exams
  • Processing queries and helping students in their academic issues
  • Student information and common notice board
  • Student counseling and career development
  • Scholarships/fee concession/student loan scheme
  • Registration processing of regular/private students
  • Association and contact with Hazara University Alumni
  • All student-centered activities on the campus

The SSC intends to provide a wide range of supportive services and helping the students to meet the challenges they may face on the campus.

Students related matters

The main purpose of the Center to provide rapid response to students’ queries, students are encouraged and advised to submit online application if they have any query or request at:


All applications will be processed by the Center as per the approved rules. Concerned student, department, or any other office will be informed about the outcome of the application. In case a student is not satisfied the matter will be reported to the Department concerned. The center will follow the case till the conclusion.

The following services to be provided by the SSC:

  • Admission query
  • Degree issue (issue means to handover to the student)
  • Transcript
  • Certificate
  • Application for any service related to academic and administration
  • Various Forms
  • Deposit amount, if required for any service,
  • Information and query related to hostel accommodation
  • Scholarship
  • Any other


  • Daily Visitors related matter
  • Registration of Guests at the main reception
  • The center should try to address the query of the visitor on the sport. In case the query cannot be handled/resolved at the Center, the visitor may be facilitated in the best possible way to reach the office concerned.
  • Issuance of Temporary card to the visitor in exchange of Id-card or any other authentic doc (if available with visitor/guest otherwise just register them in the daily registrar/Guest book).
  • Reporting
  • Makes reports of all activities on daily basis.
  • The report must be shared with the concerned officers/departments.
  • Report on the record of all visitors.
  • Special Report on the query which is not addressed for the last 7 days (one week).
  • Any other tasks

Hazara University Alumni