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Welcome to the Department of Biotechnology, Hazara University Mansehra The Department of Biotechnology, a newly established Department offers excellence in research, education, and trainings on state-of-the art molecular biology tools. Our mission is to advance exceptional teaching, research, and mentoring of young scientists in all emerging fields of modern biology. Our faculty and staff members are committed to excellence and our vibrant and well-integrated research set up and teaching programs boast the intellectual capacity building of our students. Equality and diversity lie at the heart of Hazara University and the vision of the Department is to nurture the scientific minds of its graduates with potential to innovate, invent and disseminate knowledge for the benefits of mankind. Currently, the Department of Biotechnology offers BS (04 years) program and M.Phil and Ph.D research programs are to commence very soon. We ascertain the parents and guardians of our potential students that our graduates will be able to establish their own careers and will be ready to enter the workforce of academic and industry after graduating from our Department. We encourage you to visit us!


The Department of Biotechnology is recently established (2018) and provides an outstanding mentoring and quality research facility within the region. Currently the department offers only BS (Biotechnology) programs. The staff and faculty of Department of Biotechnology are committed to maintain the highest possible standards in teaching and research. The extensive research programs within the departments spreads over multifarious disciplines and covers all major aspects of Biotechnology, including (but not limited to): Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Health Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Microbial Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture, Nanobiotechnology, Recombinant DNA technology and Genomics and Proteomics....


The department has vision to nurturescientific mindgraduates with a potential to innovate, invent and disseminate knowledge for the benefit of society and environment To produce highly skilled graduateswhocan provide solutions to environmental, industrial, agricultural and health based problems and they have the ability to competewithin the relevant academic and commercial markets in the world....

Progammes Offered