Department of Microbiology

Dr. Syed Kashif HaleemHead of Department
Dr.Isfahan TauseefAssistant Professor
Dr.Farhana MaqboolAssistant Professor
Dr.Sadia QayyumLecturer
Dr.Shehzad AhmedLecturer
Nadia JabeenLecturer
Farah AndaleebLecturer
Muhammad JunaidLecturer
Saira GulLecturer
Zeeshan NiazLecturer
Iqbal Ahmad alviLecturer
Samia ZebLecturer
Mr. Umair AhmedLecturer
Mr. Adil Farooq Lodhi Lecturer
Mr. Muhammad Nasir RiazLecturer
Faiza NawazTeaching Assistant
Qazi Inam-ul-haqTeaching Assistant