Hazara University Mansehra


Vice Chancellor Message

I feel great pride to take over as Vice Chancellor Hazara University Mansehra that has made remarkable progress amongst the newly established universities of the country. The students are very vibrant, faculty is very active, supportive and administrative staff well entrenched to work in coordination for overall development of academics, research and multi-faceted development of the university helping to emerge it as one of the best institution of the country. There is still room for faculty development, improving the present status of research laboratories, bringing in more active and vibrant faculty to accelerate the tempo of quality teaching and research. Active collaboration with the foreign universities, encouraging the faculty to improve their qualification by sending them abroad for PhD and post-doctorate studies, motivating the teachers and the staff to contribute more efficiently in a cooperative team spirit for overall development of the university.
It is my passion to stimulate and activate all the bodies of the university by inspiring these to play their productive role as engine of progress and development of the university. There are no poor regiments but only the poor colonels who have been responsible for the degradation of any institution. But it would my first priority to improve the quality of leadership and inspire the team with courage and confidence to do their best for mobilizing their potential and raising the output of Hazara University as a model university of the country.
The focus of my appeal is young students of Hazara University who are backbone of the country to provide future leadership in all sphere of life and the universities are the nurseries to nourish and develop their capabilities for assuming the role of leadership in different fields of life.
In this regard, I urge to all the stakeholders to act in unison for making Hazara University as a model one to achieve the cherished goal of a best university of the country. Let us join hands together to achieve our most coveted end by devotion and full commitment to our sacred cause.
May Allah bless us with necessary acumen for further raising the status of Hazara University as a modern institute of productive research and academic excellence! (Amin).