Hazara University Mansehra


Department of Sociology

To further enrich and expand the scope of the faculty of arts at Hazara University Mansehra, Department of Sociology was approved and established in 2013.  Looking at the response and demands of prospective students at that time, the department took step to enrol M.Phil students to convey the message of our futuristic vision for a quest of higher education and research.  Later on, owing to the demands of the students and comparatively a better orientation of the discipline in the province, BS and MSc Sociology programs at undergraduate level were started. The department of sociology is currently functional with the department of Political Science.

To have an internationally reputed institute of Sociology to prepare students capable to create Sociological theories and advanced social research methods to shape social policies at global level

Department of Sociology at Hazara University aims to provide students with theoretical and methodological knowledge and rigorous social research skills to explore and analyze the socio-economic issues of the country.


  1. To provide a comprehensive orientation to the students on fundamental concepts, perspectives and theories of sociology
  2. To train students with social research methods and equip them with necessary skills to independently plan and conduct social research
  3. To enhance students sociological imagination and develop their critical thinking skills for understanding  social world
  4. To improve the critical thinking and writing skills of the students to explore and describe social issues
  5. To encourage students to develop their vision for an interdisciplinary academic collaboration to find a well round solution to the complex and intractable  social problems
  6. To guide and prepare students to plan their higher studies to pursue career in teaching, research and community development.

Programs Offered:

  1. BS (Hons) Sociology (4 Years)
  2. MSc Sociology (2 years)
  3. M.Phil Sociology (2 Years)