37th Pakistan Congress of Zoology (International) (February 28 – March 02, 2017)

Mr. Sajid Mahmood, Lecturer in Department of Zoology, Hazara University, Mansehra has presented his PhD work in 37th Pakistan Congress of Zoology which was held at GC University, Faisalabad from Feb. 28 to March 02, 2017. Mr. Mahmood has got 2nd Best Poster Presentation Award in the congress for his outstanding research work in the field of Zoology. Mr. Mahmood has been pioneered to work on the Genetic History and Diversity of Cockfighting Chickens of Pakistan. This research work was supervised by Prof. Dr. Mian Syed Khan and co-supervised by Prof. Dr. Olivier Hanotte at the University of Nottingham, UK. His work was greatly appreciated by the world-renowned Zoologists.