PhD Program

The Department of Information Technology offers an advanced program for IT students/scholars i.e. PhD-CS (Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science) degree. The program is designed especially for Masters student who wish to improve their research/skill in the field of  IT/Computer Science.

The program provides Doctors with a strong research skills that will enable them to improve the economy of the country as well as to contribute the research development of country. In this program, the Department offers different research specialized areas including Information Security, Image Processing, Cloud Computing, Data Mining and Computer Networks. This specialization provides a highly demanded scholars in all over the country and an impressive range of possible career choices in the industry Information Technologies.

Eligibility for Admission
MS(CS)or Equivalent with minimum 3.0 CGPA
Test : University Test /NTS GAT Subject


Compulsory Courses

Course Code

Course Name

Credited Hours

PhD CS-811

Advanced Research Methods in Computer Science


PhD CS-812

Research Trends in Computer Science


PhD CS-895





Elective Courses (Computer Networks / Security and Privacy)


Elective Courses (Image Processing)


Elective Courses (Data Mining / Image Processing)


Elective Courses (Cloud Computing)


Computer Systems