The M.Phil programme in Applied Linguistics is an advanced degree programme to prepare students, researchers, and teacher trainers who will be able to work independently and in leadership positions with the learning and teaching English as second language, the analysis of language, and the design of language-related research. This degree combines a strong research and theoretical foundation in applied linguistics with practical training in the teaching of English as a second language and L2 pedagogy.  The principal goals of the programme are to provide the linguistic theory necessary for ESL teachers, to equip students with theoretical and methodological procedures used in second language research as well as practical skills of language teaching, and to prepare students for further study in English language teaching and applied linguistics.
At the end of the programme, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of advanced linguistic concepts, theoretical and methodological procedures used in various fields of second language research and applied linguistics, and research-based practices as well as state-of-the-art teaching techniques  
  2. Conduct original research in their selected area of study/interest
  3. Apply their specialist knowledge of applied linguistics for improving their practices
  4. Analyze issues related to Applied Linguistics and second language acquisition and teaching and respond effectively using linguistic concepts and terminology with understanding.

Contact Person/Dealing Officer for Program

Dr. Ghani Rahman
Assistant Professor
Department of English


M.Phil Applied Linguistics

Core Courses





MLing-711*  General Linguistics
MLing-712  Second Language Teaching Methods & Applied Linguistics

MLing-713  Research Methods in Applied Linguistics
MLing-714 Second Language Acquisition

MLing-831  Seminar
MLing-841  Thesis
(20,000-25,000 words)
Note: one supervisor cannot take more than A MAXIMUM OF 8 research students for supervision.


Optional Courses