Hazara University Mansehra


Department of Microbiology

The department of Microbiology was started in 2002. The first program offered by the department was Bachelor in Microbiology BSc (Hons), 4-years program for which nearly 25 students were registered. Besides BSc (Hons) program, which already was continuing, 2 new programs at the post Graduate level, M. Phil 2-years and Ph.D 4-years, were offered in 2004. The first ever in-take for M. Phil program was 10 students, which gradually increased to 40 in subsequent semesters while Ph.D students seeking admission are enrolled as per availability of research supervisors and interest of the scholar.

Currently, the student’s enrolment stands at 175 for BSc (Hons), 95 for M. Phil and 5 for Ph.D. Students undergo introduction to the entire field, before concentrating on specialized area they are interested in. The department of Microbiology has a central lab reasonably equipped with research facilities such as Microscopes, Laminar flow hood, incubators, shaker incubator, autoclave and very sophisticated equipment such as Thermo-cycler, Electrophoretic units, Gel documentation system and Lypholizer. Other than academic activities, the students of Microbiology department have actively participated in extracurricular and social activities and won the awards at university and national level.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Department of Microbiology is to produce high-tech professionals for the promotion of health sciences to play a vital role in the economic growth of the country.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Microbiology is to provide State of the Art Education in the field of Microbiology that would lead to produce quality researchers and experts in different fields of Microbiology. Our programs are designed to fully equip the students with fundamental principles and skills of microbiology along with theoretical knowledge to prepare them for future challenges.  


The department has the following general objectives:

  • To produce highly skilled professionals and research scholars who will provide services to various sectors of industrial, health, academics and research institutes at both national and international levels.
  • To promote Department-Industry and Department-Health institution linkage Program.
  • To develop state of the art laboratories to provide working environment for research scholars to enable them learn modern microbiological techniques.

Academic Programs/Degrees Offered

  • BSc (Hons) Microbiology Program
  • M.Phil Microbiology Program
  • PhD Microbiology Program

    Curriculum Design & Organization

    The curriculum design and organization is undertaken in pursuit of achieving the Microbiology program’s objectives and outcomes within the complete scenario of the university vision & mission statement. The curriculum satisfies the major requirements for the program as specified by the HEC.

    Structure of Courses

    To ensure close and effective interaction necessarily required for efficient learning processes the department follows principal given below:

    • The department ensures strict observance of the office hours.
    • Classes are made of groups averaging 40 students per class.
    • Attendance Requirements: A student must attend at least 75% of the classes held in a course to be eligible to take the Final Examination If a student remains willfully absent from classes continuously for a period of 7 days or more, his/her name is struck off the rolls of the University. Students are required to attend classes regularly and on time.
    • A part from the two major exams i.e. midterm & final exams, quizzes and take home assignments are given to create an environment that ensures constant interaction of students with their instructors.
    • Course coordinator ensures coordination of study activities with concerned bodies.
    • During the 8th semester, students of BS Programs carry out group projects and write project reports.

    Admissions and Student’s Induction Policy in Microbiology Department        
    Admission to BS, M. Phil and PhD programs is purely on merit basis. Information regarding admission is available to applicants/ students during working hours by calling 0997-414145 or 0997-414152. The staff of the Provost Office remains available for consultation during office hours. The university admission & registration body has evolved clearly documented processes/procedures and department of microbiology strictly adheres to guidelines issued time to time by relevant authorities.

    Eligibility for Admission to BS (Hons) in Microbiology

    Candidates applying for admission in BS program must meet the following eligibility criteria:
    1.         FSc Pre-Medical or Equivalent
    2.         Second Division or at least 45% marks in intermediate.

    The provisionally selected candidates are interviewed. Selected candidates are required to complete admission formalities after displaying the Final Merit List.

    Eligibility for Admission to M. Phil in Microbiology

    Candidates applying for admission in M. Phil program must meet the following eligibility criteria:
    1.         BS (Hons)/M.Sc in Biological Sciences or Equivalent (With no third division)
    2.         Entry Test (GAT General)
    3.         Interview

    Eligibility for Admission to PhD in Microbiology

    Candidates applying for admission in PhD program must meet the following eligibility criteria:
    1.         M.Phil in Biological Sciences or Equivalent (With no third division)
    2.         Entry Test (GAT Subject)
    3.         Interview