Department of Management Sciences

Department of Management Sciences Hazara University is one of the founding departments established in spring 2002. Department of management sciences is creating the multidimensional managerial intellect in the fields of Business and Public Administration with major areas of Finance, Marketing and Human resource. Department is also contributing in producing the most demanding Research Scholars while offering MS and PhD in management sciences. Being the top department of Hazara University the major strengths of management sciences department lies in its young devoted methodical professional faculty fully equipped with updated advancements in their respective areas of delivering knowledge. During the year 2012 the blend of fresh and experienced faculty has been inducted in the capacity of lecturers and assistant professor to further strengthen the knowledge transferring capabilities of the department. Broadly, there are two main bodies i.e. the students and the faculty around which the whole set of activities revolves under the direction of Prof. Dr. Bahadar Shah, Chairman Department of Management Sciences.

The Department of Management Sciences aims at promoting, advancing and disseminating knowledge in the field of management sciences and to explore the use of such knowledge for the advancement of the society. The Department strives to produce the manpower that shall contribute towards the development of Pakistan by providing state of the art knowledge and skills required and in vogue in the fast changing business world along with sound social and ethical values of Islam. The Department emphasizes an integrated approach in which students specialize in specific areas of management sciences. In addition, the Department places high premium on research and organization of Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Symposia for the advancement of knowledge within and outside the university. .