Hazara University Mansehra


Department of Management Sciences

Department of Management Sciences is one of the pioneering departments of Hazara University, established in spring 2002. Department of management sciences is creating the multidimensional managerial intellect in the fields of Business, Commerce and Public Administration with major areas of Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management. Department is also producing efficient researchers while offering MS and PhD in management sciences.
Among the major strengths of the Department of Management Sciences are its young, devoted, disciplined, and professional faculty members fully trained in updated knowledge in their respective areas of specialization. During the year 2012 the blend of fresh and experienced faculty has been inducted in the capacity of lecturers and assistant professors to further strengthen the knowledge transferring capabilities of the department. In the year 2014 DMS, HU got accredited by the National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC) in ‘X1’ category. Our aim is to get accredited in ‘W’ category in the next phase of evaluation.

Vision & Mission Statement

Vision of the department
Our vision is to become the leading school of management sciences among business and management institutions in Pakistan. In this course, we will equip our students with the most effective management and entrepreneurial skills by delivering up-to-date management education; conduct and disseminate innovative research with a team of faculty and researchers trained on contemporary management research; and will utilize our management knowledge to prepare our students, researchers and faculty for making significant contributions to the development of society and organizations at local, national, and international level.

Mission of the department
The mission of the Department of Management Sciences is to create entrepreneurs, management practitioners, and researchers for the development of organizations in particular and society in general by preparing undergraduate and master students for market oriented and globally competitive careers and contributing to the advancements in the field of management sciences through the relevant research at MS and doctoral level.

The members of the DMS, HU community, strive for the very highest standards in everything they do. They engage in healthy competition to produce and disseminate knowledge in the contemporary disciplines, to create an intellectually rigorous learning environment, and to show uncompromising dedication to the students and society.

DMS, HU is the first business school established in Hazara division. DMS, HU will build on heritage of Hazara division by providing innovative leadership in education and research and by inspiring and developing the leaders of the future.

DMS, HU cultivate an environment of honesty, sincerity and trust in which employees of DMS, HU hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. They believe integrity is the foundation of all moral character and is an essential trait for truly successful professional and personal lives.

From its earliest days, DMS, HU has honored and cherished its special responsibility to serve the people of Pakistan in general and people of Hazara Division in particular. Staff and students at DMS, HU spare no effort to serve the nation through research, teaching and community leadership.

DMS, HU creates a unique atmosphere of collaboration, mutual support and genuine interest in each other's success. Our diverse mix of cultures, races and experiences provides a variety of perspectives and talents that, when united through teamwork, strengthens our ability to achieve our goals.