Hazara University Mansehra


Department of Information Technology

In this modern era, Information Technology is an enormously vibrant field. Since its inception, just half a century ago computing and communication have become the defining technology of our age. IT is integral to modern culture and is the primary engine behind much of the world’s economic growth. Moreover, the field continuous to evolve at an astonishing pace.
Department of Information Technology is quite aware of this fact and makes the best possible efforts to impart the latest knowledge according to the need of industry. Department of Information Technology, Hazara University being one of the largest departments of the university is serving as back bone for the University which provides IT related services to the whole campus through its directorate.
The Department of Information Technology, Hazara University Mansehra was established in 2002. The department is offering BCS (Hons) / BS (CS),  BS(SE),BS Telecommunication, MCS, MS(CS) & PhD(CS). The graduating students of the department are providing services in various walks of life like atomic energy, space exploration, software houses, government and private sectors. The Department has its tradition to select the meritorious students and polish their abilities by qualified and expert faculty members.
Currently student’s enrolment stands at more than1200 in all disciplines. Besides this the department of information technology has 10 LABs fully equipped for conducting students’ practical work and research activities.
The department also offers Internship to its students to furnish their skills according to the industry/market needs and jobs requirement.


  • State of the art facilities for creation, dissemination and preservation of IT knowledge
  • To produce skilled professionals in the field of  Information Technology to serve the nation
  •  Fully equipped laboratories to facilitate IT training
  • To produce researchers for the improvement of the IT industry nationally and internationally
  • Love, respect and equal opportunities of knowledge and training for every seeker
  • Team work to achieve the goal

An exemplary institute of Information Technology  that creates, disseminate and preserves knowledge of the field and impart training to all seekers for effective use of this man made brain.

we create professional and Researchers who are equipped with latest and profound knowledge, polished creative abilities, superior social traits and willingness to use all their potential to make computer more productive for every sphere of life.

Information Technology drives the world and has become an essential part of human civilization. Booming IT sector has plenty of jobs for fresh computer science , software engineering, and telecom graduates. The scope of  IT is very vast  and professionals of the field are required in business, science, medicine, banks,  industries, education sector etc.

Department Infrastructure
The department has established state of the art laboratories for Computer Science and Telecommunication courses under a project sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology Government of Pakistan. Currently we have, eleven (11) rooms featuring internet access, nine (09) multimedia projectors. Department of IT operates Ten (10) laboratories in two different buildings.

Department network backbone has a fiber optic connection, a CISCO router and Level-2 switches provide internet connections to labs. A dedicated server provides DHCP access to all computer labs. Moreover Department of IT provides WLAN facility to student’s laptops and mobile devices. Research lab provides access to HEC digital library around the clock. 

Program offered at Under Graduate Level

  1. BCS (Hons)
  2. BS (SE)
  3. BS Telecommunication (Hons)

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. FSc Pre-Engineering or Equivalent
  2. Entry Test

Program offered

  • MCS

Eligibility Criteria:

  • BSc Computer Science or Equivalent
  • Second Division or at least 45% marks in intermediate and Bachelors

Program offered at Graduate Level

  1. MS Computer Science
  2. PhD Computer Science

Eligibility Criteria for MS:

  1. BS(CS)/BCS(Hons),MSC Computer Science, MCS or Equivalent
  2. Test : University Test /NTS GAT General

Eligibility Criteria for PhD:

  1. MS(CS)or Equivalent with minimum 3.0 CGPA
  2. Test : University Test /NTS GAT Subject

Four major research areas are offered to the students of graduate program. These include

  1. Computer Networks
  2. Data Mining
  3. Data Science
  4. Image Processing 

Students are encouraged to start research immediately after registering their first semester of Master or Doctoral Program. Every possible effort is made to ensure that a student could earn the degree with in the minimum prescribed time for the degree.
A well thought program comprised of three tiers namely; The Research Groups Meetings, Graduate Research Committee meetings and offering of all core courses in a prescribed sequence, is designed to help students  timely completing their course work, quickly identify their research areas and timely come up with proposal for MS/PhD research. Students are encouraged to fully explore their own research interests.  A departmental Graduate Research Committee (GRC) is constituted to streamline the research ideas and proposal of the students. Every week GRC meeting is held, and after thoroughly analyzing and scrutinizing ideas and proposals they are presented to Board of study for final approvals. GRC is comprised of the following members;

  1. Dr. Arif Iqbal Umar (PhD)
  2. Dr. Noor- ul- Amin (PhD)
  3. Dr. Mushtaq Ali (PhD)
  4. Dr. Ali Imran Jehangiri (PhD)
  5. Dr. Asad Khan (PhD)

MS produced                          40
PhD produced                         3