Department of Information Technology

Information Technology Department is one of the oldest departments of the University. It was established in 2002. It is also the largest department of the University in terms of student’s intake and enrollment. The department offers academic and training facilities at undergraduate and graduate levels in the disciplines of Computer Science and Telecommunications. Its graduates are serving the nation in the prestigious organizations like Atomic Energy Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan Space Program, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, leading Software Houses and several leading multinational Telecommunication Companies. The department has established state of the art laboratories for Computer Science and Telecommunication courses under a project sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology Government of Pakistan.

The department has launched its graduate program in the fall of 2011 by initiating MS (Computer Sciences) degree. The Doctoral Program (PhD in Computer Science) was started in fall 2012. Both the MS and PhD are research based Programs. In short span of only four years the graduate program is showing very encouraging results. A healthy competition has been created among the students to create original research. Three major research areas are offered to the students of graduate program. These are Computer Networks, Data Mining and Software Engineering. Students are encouraged to start research just after registering their first semester of Master or Doctoral Program. Every possible effort is made to ensure that a student could earn the degree with in the minimum prescribed time for the degree. A well thought program comprised of three tiers namely; the Research Groups Meetings, Graduate Research Committee meeting and offering of all core courses in a sequences, is designed to help students to timely complete course work, quickly identify their research areas and timely come up with proposal for MS/PhD research. Students are encouraged to fully explore their own interests. A departmental graduate research committee is constituted to streamline the research ideas and proposal of the students.

An exemplary institute of computer science that creates, disseminate and preserves knowledge of the computer science and impart training to all seekers for effective use of this man made brain to understand the very purpose of the Human creation.

we create leaders who are equipped with latest and profound knowledge, polished creative abilities, superior social traits and wiliness to use all their potential to make computer more productive for life in every sphere of life.

Values: • State of the art facilities for creation, dissemination and preservation of knowledge
• Fully equipped laboratories to facilitate computer training
• Love, respect and equal opportunities of knowledge and training for every seeker
• Sincerity for alland • Team work to achieve the goal