Department of English

Established in 2003, the Department of English is a centre of academic, intellectual and cultural activities. Apart from running its four full-time programmes i.e. BS English (Four-year), MA English, M.Phil Literature in English, and M.Phil Applied Linguistics, the department provides support to all other departments of the university by offering interdisciplinary courses, e.g. Functional English, Academic Reading & Writing, Communication Skills etc. The department also arranges and schedules preparatory classes for special groups of IELTS, TOEFL and GRE. These classes are being taught by the trained and qualified faculty members. To keep the on-campus English teachers and those of the affiliated colleges abreast with the new trends of the discipline, the department has been arranging workshops in collaboration with national and international stakeholders, such as the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, the Culture Affairs Section of the US Embassy, Islamabad, and renowned educational consultants.   
Keeping in view the recommendations of the HEC and NCRC in English and new trends and developments in the discipline of English, the Board of Studies in English has recently revised the curricula of the ongoing programmes of study. Further updating in the designed scheme of studies will be sought to make the programmes more effective and quality oriented. The courses have been designed to help students develop a strong knowledge-base in each specific area and be able to apply their knowledge to discuss the domain-specific issues and seek solutions to various problems.
Research is the major component of our study programmes. Thesis is the compulsory requirement for BS English and the two M.Phil degree programmes. It is optional in MA English programme. Our students conduct research on a variety of topics from Literature and Applied Linguistics under the supervision of learned advisors. Facilities of the Internet Lab, HEC Digital Library and Seminar Library are open for the faculty members and the researchers.
The faculty of the Department of English comprises qualified and experienced teachers who are able to teach the approved courses. The department is an excellent English Language and Literature learning/teaching platform and is committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of a diverse range of students by providing opportunities of taught courses and research.
Besides promoting a vibrant research culture, the Department of English is committed to embracing the progressive research and reinforcing existing thought patterns. The intended focus of the department is on achieving excellence in research of practical importance. The faculty and students are actively engaged in research activities and have published research papers in national and international journals.