Department of Economics

Knowledge of economics is indispensable to those interested in current affairs, particularly now and in recent years. The core of the teaching programme, ensuring you are provided with an up-to-date curriculum, which touches on the key theoretical and policy issues of the day. Being our student, you will benefit from joining a learning community, where you will have the opportunity to interact with department staff and your colleagues to increase your knowledge and gain an in-depth understanding of current issues in economics. Here you will have the opportunity to develop an interest in fields such as Economics of Education, SMEs in Pakistan, government policy, and developing countries, the economics of business, and international trade and finance. Economics students will be numerate and acquire skills in research, communication, team working, analysis, decision making and problem solving. Our student body is diverse, with more than 300 students, many of whom come from around Pakistan spread over from Gilgit to Baluchistan and even from Afghanistan.
A PhD is increasingly necessary for a successful academic career, and is also becoming an important distinguishing qualification for those who aspire to top positions in business and politics etc. We provide research students with challenging and high-quality training in the theory and practice of research in economics. As a research graduate, you will be equipped to design and conduct high-quality research. We offer PhD programme in the department, aimed at those who wish to become experts in a specialized field. Our research interests lies in the areas of Relative performance of Pakistan SME’s; Micro Analysis of Firms; Economics of Innovation, Production, Energy, Education and Health; Poverty and income inequality; FDI, Foreign Aid and Trade; Human Capital and Environmental and resource economics among others.