Hazara University Mansehra




To provide urgent and basic services on emergency level to the entire huge infrastructure spreading over 1000 Kanals of land including vital installation of electricity, IT networks, underground cables, Generators and watching the regular flow of electricity to all the offices, Academic blocks, Laboratory and Living quarters, beside urgent repairs and time to time emergency call.


Provide the basic services for the smooth flow of peaceful academic activities, uninterrupted research work and situational facility to all the national/ international conference symposium and seminars for making the University a real HUB of quality learning centre. 


Since the establishment of Hazara University and during the earthquake hazard the temporary network of holding the classes in the tents then later on establishment of infrastructure of prefabricated halls for shifting the classes from tents to prefab buildings and then construction of Post-Quake, Phase-I Project comprising 05 blocks, Turkish Blocks, Multipurpose Hall and incomplete 10xAcademic blocks.
Currently 8xblocks are under completion and the more construction works are in pipe line, which will add the facilities of class rooms, Hostels, living accommodation and other allied infrastructure for making the University a self-sufficient Residential facility for student, staff and faculty in the years ahead. Beside levelling of grounds, open spaces and residential facilities within the campus to avoid the tragic incidence in the past. Works department also vigilantly supervised the State-of-Art building on the campus sponsored by US Aid department.


Works department is eagerly looking forward to the approval of PC-1 amounting to PKRs One Billion which will be used for construction of hostels for Boys& Girls, Residential accommodation for staff, recreation facilities for students, playground for major games like football/hockey etc.


After the earthquake of year 2005, the existing infrastructure got severely damaged and the University started its classes in tents and open air. During this time HEC was helpful enough for granting funds for construction of prefabricated academic buildings, the life of these building is near to end.
   It was in the backdrop of earthquake that ERRA committed for construction of 10 academic blocks through a Turkish NGO i.e. Light House, (424,260sft. covered area) in Hazara University as replacement for the damaged/destroyed buildings. The buildings were to provide enough space for 30 Academic departments of Hazara University.
  On 20-9-2006, a MoU was signed between Light House Association (a Turkish NGO) and ERRA to the effect that 10 Academic Blocks will be constructed by Light House Association. Work on the project commenced on March 26, 2007. The expected completion of the project as per work plan furnished by M/s Yucel Construction was October, 2009. Almost 60% of work had been completed when the donors stopped funding for the project due to their own funding constraints. The Turkish Contractors abandoned work on the project in August, 2008 due to their own financial reasons.

Current Status of the Project

Hazara University has approached various forums for support to complete the suspended project at the earliest i.e. Turkish embassy and other international donor agencies, but in vain. The University also proposed the completion of the said project by ERRA. The project for completion of the leftover work was approved by ERRA Board in its 12th meeting held on July 09, 2009. In 2013, Hazara University requested HEC to come up for their help. The HEC took up the matter of the incomplete project with ERRA to complete it from their resource OR leave the project for HEC to complete from their PSDP share. Finally, HEC took the responsibility of completion the leftover work from PSDP 2014-15.


At present, the University is restricted to prefabricated infrastructure, which lifetime will be exhausted in near future. The University continued its i.e. opening of new projects. Since major expansion in number of students/ departments took place in the hope that mentioned project will be completed in time to accommodate the additional students/ departments.

Project proposal

After all the efforts and analysis, the University approached HEC/Planning commission for completion of the left-over blocks in order to provide necessary purpose built infrastructure for smooth functioning of academic and R&D activities.
   The completion of the subject buildings will enable University to accommodate 32 functional departments, currently University has more than 14000 on campus students and the number would increase to 25000 in 2019-20, while the University has only two purposely-built building for academic building purposes.
       Leftover project will provide following facilities by 2018, In Sha Allah…

  • Academic blocks with covered area of 337008 sft. including
  • 96 class rooms with capacity of 40-50 student each
  • 24 Lecturer rooms with capacity of 60 student each
  • 10 Computer labs with capacity of 30 student each
  • Procurement of ICT equipments for all the 8 blocks
  • Procurement of furniture and fixture for all the 8 blocks
  • Provision of Teaching lab equipments for 3 departments
  • 2 Blocks worth 60(Million) are in pipeline

Technical Staff (Civil)

Sr. No.




Tube well Operator

1. Mansoor
2. Ghulam Mustafa
3. Siddique (Valve Man
4. Sajjad (Fix)
5. Zakir (Fix)
6. Shabbir (Valve Man)



1. Naeem Gul
2. Ravaid



1. Zulkafil
2. Shoukat (fix)
3. Shabir(fix)



1. Shad Muhammad 
2. Nooran Shah
3. Raeed
4. Asad


Care taker

M Bashir (Contract)


CAD Operator




1. Amjad (Daily Wages)
2. Atta-ur-Rehman Labour (fix)



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