The BS English (04 Years) programme is a comprehensive degree programme to prepare students, researchers, and teacher trainers who will be able to work independently and in leadership positions with the learning and teaching English as second language, the analysis of language, and the design of language-related research.
At the end of the programme, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of advanced linguistic and literary concepts, theoretical and methodological procedures used in various fields of Linguistics and Literature.
  2. Conduct original research in their selected area of study/interest
  3. Apply their specialist knowledge of linguistics/Literature for improving their practices
  4. Analyze issues related to Applied Linguistics and second language acquisition and teaching and respond effectively using linguistic concepts and terminology with understanding



Contact Person/Dealing Officer for Programme
Ms. Shaista Malik
Department of English

NOTE: In course code ‘BSEng-111’ and ‘BSEng’ stands for BS English (04-Year Programme), first figure (1) shows the year, second  figure (1) represents the semester and the third figure (1) stands for the course number. The rest of the courses are numbered in the same manner. However in 7th & 8th ‘BSLit’ and ‘BSLing’ shows Specialization in Literature and Linguistics respectively.


Year             &         Sem

No of CH


General Courses from other disciplines             (18)

Discipline Specific Foundation Courses       (24)




BSEng-111.*English –I                                                BSEng-112. Islamic Studies  (2 Cr. Hr)

BSEng-113- Introduction to Psychology                                               BSEng-114- Introduction to Sociology

BSEng-115. History of English Literature-I (Medieval to Romantics)                                 BSEng-116. Introduction to English Literature-I (Poetry and Drama)


Sem- II



BSEng-121. English-II
BSEng-122. Pakistan Studies  (2 Cr. Hr)

BSEng-123. Introduction to Political Science                                       BSEng-124. Introduction to International Relations

BSEng-125. History of English Literature-II   (19th Onwards)                        BSEng-126. Introduction to English Literature-II (Novel, Short Story and Essay)


Year ------ 2


Year ------ 3


Year ------ 4