BS Computer Science

The Department of Information Technology offers a 4-year program i.e. BCS (Bachelor of Computer Science) degree. The program is designed especially for Intermediate Students who wish to enter their highly exciting and challenging field to meet the growing need of IT experts in the rapidly evolving 21st century economy.

The program provides bachelors with a strong technological base that will enable them to capitalize on the increasing career opportunities in this sector. This specialization provides a highly demanded expertise, great mobility and flexibility, and an impressive range of possible career choices in the industry.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. FSc Pre-Engineering or Equivalent
  2. Entry Test


Required Courses



Knowledge Area

Credit Hours


Year ---------- 1



Year ---------- 2



Year ---------- 3



Year ---------- 4




A. Year-------1

Semester I
Course No.                             Course Title                                           Cr.Hrs                            
BCS-611                                 Introduction to Computing                            3(2+1)
BCS-612                                 Programming Fundamentals                          4(3+1)
BCS-613                                 Discrete Structures                                       3(3+0)
BCS-614                                 Calculus and Analytical Geometry                 3(3+0)
BCS-615                                 English Composition & Comprehension        3(3+0)
BCS-616                                 Islamic and Pakistan Studies                         3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours                                                                                   19(17+2)
Semester II
Course No.                             Course Title                                            Cr.Hrs
BCS-621                                 Object Oriented Paradigm                          3(2+1)
BCS-622                                 Data Structure                                            3(2+1)
BCS-623                                 Digital Logic & Computer Architecture        3(2+1)
BCS-624                                 Probability and Statistics                              3(3+0)
BCS-625                                 Circuit Theory                                             3(2+1)
BCS-626                                 Technical and Business Writing                    3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours                                                                                  18(14+4)



B. Year ------ 2


C. Year ------ 3


D. Year ------ 4


List of Elective (Optional Specialty) courses