Hazara University Mansehra


Department of Architecture

Architecture is a multi-disciplinary profession which emerged with state of the art technology in fast growing construction industry incorporating creativity, conceptualization and finalization at three levels of learning comprising of foundation, the intermediate and final stages from inception to conception and then to execution. Department of Architecture was established in Hazara University at garden campus in 2010. The curriculum of Bachelor Degree in Architecture (B.Arch) spread over five academic years (10 semesters).
The aim of the Department is to prepare professionals with unique and quality education in the field of architecture in order to make a sustainable environment for the communities and generations The department of architecture is determined to develop linkages around the world and work on one platform with honor and dignity of nation.
The curriculum in architecture degree is set in such manner that the students will take inspirations from past civilization, modern, post-modern and contemporary world. The creatively for the development of a sustainable society in the field of construction industry is the unique quality for architects and professionals. The course is prepared according to the HEC/PCATP and International standards with the help of qualified experts and academicians in the field of Architecture to produce young architects in society. The department of architecture is a platform to exposure for students and faculty through International trips, participations of faculty and students in the international conferences, seminars, workshops, having a well-qualified faculty with national/International exposure and experience aims to produce young and creative practitioners and researchers