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Department of Chemistry of the Hazara University, Mansehra has flourished significantly since its inception in 2003. The Department is located in garden campus of Hazara University, Mansehra, and the serenity of the region is providing peaceful and soothing environment to the students and faculty. Mansehra is one of the highly attractive tourists’ destinations of Pakistan. Presently, more than 500 students are enrolled in different programs of the Department including BS, M. Sc., M. Phil and PhD. Highly qualified faculty of 23 members including 14 Ph. Ds is working under a dynamic leadership. Nano Chemistry is one the key research areas in which research is carried out by different research groups with diverse perspectives. The Department of Chemistry is equipped with modern equipments to cope with practical and research needs of the students. State-of-the-art Metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and electrospinning machines have been acquired and installed for preparation of nanomaterials, particularly, for solar cells and rechargeable lithium ion batteries (LIBs).

What is Our Goal?

Nanostructured materials are getting substantial attention on academic, research and industrial levels owing to their unique characteristics. The last couple of decades have seen an enormous growth in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The interdisciplinary field is changing paradigm in scientific knowledge. Nanostructured materials has found, by now, applications in nearly all the fields, and the conventional materials are under quick replacements with nanomaterials which have far better characteristics. It is, therefore, utmost important to understand the basics of nanoscience and nanotechnology, manipulating the particle size, shape and distribution at molecular and atomic levels, and scaling up of nanomaterials for practical applications. The aim of the workshop is to introduce the students, faculty and scientific professionals in Pakistan with this emerging science and technology. Furthermore, to introduce and give firsthand experience on two of the main and vital techniques – chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and electrospinning – which have played a pivotal rule in development of nanoscience and nanotechnology, and have been used extensively for preparation of nanostructured materials during the last couple of decades both on academic and industrial levels.

Organizing Commitee

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees


Vice Chancellor Hazara University

Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain


Dean Faculty of Sciences Hazara University

Prof. Dr. Mohsan Nawaz


Chairman Department of Chemistry Hazara University

Dr.Hameed Ullah

Chief Organizer/Focal Person

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry Hazara University

Mr. Muhammad Irfan

Ph.D student

Department of Chemistry Hazara University Mansehra

Ms.Lubna Mushtaq

BS Student

Department of Chemistry Hazara University


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Chief Organizer
Registration Chair
Two—Day Workshop on Nanomaterials Research, Fabrications and Applications
Department of Chemistry, Hazara University
Dhodial, Mansehra, KPK, Pakistan
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    Account Number:   0010000081522160
    Allied Bank Limited (0445)
    Hazara University Branch, Dhodial, Mansehra, KPK

    Student Registration

    BS & M.Sc


      M.Phil & PhD


    Faculty Members/ Scientists


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    Workshop Schedule

    Day-1 (October 12, 2017)
      Seating & Opening Ceremony 09:00 - 10:00 AM
      Technical Session-1 10:00 - 10:40 AM
      Hi-tea 10:40 - 11:00 AM
      Technical Session-2 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM
      Lunch & Prayers Break 01:00 PM - 01:40 PM
      Technical Session-3 01:40 - 03:20 PM
      Tea Break 03:20PM - 03:40 PM
      Technical Session-4 03:40 - 05:20 PM
      Open Discussion 05:20 - 06:00 PM
    Day-2 (October 13, 2017)
      Technical Session-5 09:00 AM - 10:20 AM
      Tea Break 10:20 - 10:40 AM
      Technical Session-6 10:40 AM - 12:00 PM
      Closing & Lunch 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

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    Workshop Location

    Hazara University Mansehra
    PK، N35 Karakoram Highway، Dhodial 2, Pakistan
    Phone:+92-997-414136, +92-333-5243114
    Email: hameedullah@hu.edu.pk, irfan.hu22@gmail.com

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