Hazara University Mansehra

Hazara University Museum

Message of Curator

Hazara University Museum is preserving the Cultural and ethnological assets of the region, in this connection we are responsible to look in preserving of National Heritage for next generation. As a Nation we required to make struggles for conservation of culture heritage under the roof of museums. In order to protect history of the ancestor archaeological, historical, cultural, and ethnological artifacts all of us are liable to donate to museums as research tools for the students of archaeology and education for general public.

Hazara Region

Hazara is a rich cultural and ethnic area in all over the Pakistan. From Stone Age up to the present time, we feel proud to have such archaeological & historic glimpses in this land. Due to location of Hazara on the world famous silk route we cannot ignore its importance. The attraction for local and international tourists also has cash due to high mountains, snowy peaks, beautiful lakes, thick forests, rivers and agriculture land

Hazara Culture Museum

To preserve the values of archaeological, Cultural, ethnic, and Eco-tourism for future generation for this regard with the struggle of Dr. Ihsan Ali (Ex-VC Hazara University) the department of Archaeology established a beautiful museum in University. This is a first ever museum in Hazara, which is inaugurated by Owais Ahmad Ghani the then Chancellor of the University / Governor of the K.P.K on April 13, 2008. The museum has 4 main galleries ie. 1. Wooden objects galley, 2. Archaeological Gallery, 3 Ethnological Gallery and 4 Owais Galley.

Wooden Objects Gallery

This gallery is located at the main entrance of the museum, consisting of large size wooden objects, like Bed, long sofa, chest boxes, pillar, prayer place, and a large and small façade. All these objects are purchased from Swat, having an excellent historical value. These objects are often belongs to 19th century AD.

Archaeological Gallery

This is an important gallery consisting of archaeological objects, most of these objects are belongs to Gandhara Grave Culture site of Chitral valley. Mostly grave goods are approximately 3000 to 4000 thousand years old. Some objects are belongs to Buddhist period which are excavated from the famous Buddhist Kandar Bedadi (some 5 km north of Hazara University). These objects are consisting of pottery and grinding stones. Some donated coins are also displayed in the same gallery belongs to different period.

Ethnological Gallery

This gallery is one of the largest galleries consisting of cultural and ethnological objects, including wooden and metal house hold objects, dresses, Jewelries, musical instrument and arms are displayed. All the objects are purchased from Swat and Peshawar, which shows the artistic struggle and aesthetic sense of the artisans of past.

Owais Gallery

This gallary is ornamented with Islamic glazed pottery, which is belongs to early Islamic (Samanid) period of Nishapur, while some objects are belongs to Ghaznavid period also. The beautiful glazed inscribed Jug,vases,plates, and bowl shows us the importance and aesthetic sense of the potters of the Nishapur. All these objects are donated by ex-Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Owais Ahmad Ghani because of his excellency the gallery is famous with his name. Paintings and Photography The paintings belongs to Buddhist events are displayed inside the museum. There are also a series of photographs displayed which are indicating the field activities of the staff and students at different sites, while some photographs shows the scenic beauty of the Hazara region.

Staff of Museum


Assistant Director

Contact: +923338355668

Email. aurangzeb@hu.edu.pk


Gallery Assistant/In charge Galleries

Contact: 03129966831

Email: mehirkhalil@gmail.com

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